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01/10/2012 · just use a tool like "mkv extract GUI2" to extract the .h264 and the audio stream. chances are your device will not be able to decode the .dts stream, so you will not hear sound. so you need to first use a tool like "popcorn mkv audio converter", this tool take the dts stream out of the mkv file and convert it to an acc or ac3 or mp3 or which ever you choose that your device will support, then

27/12/2013 · By the way, when I convert this file from it's original *.AVI format to *.MP4 format using Any Video Converter Pro software the output file (*.MP4) does does contain audit as originally recorded. (Yes the Any Video Recorder Pro is licensed and paid for.) However, I would like to understand why converting n VLC does not work and at times I would find it useful (beneficial) to use VLC and he has How to fix a video converted and compressed … 08/05/2013 · How to Convert Mp4 File to AVI With VLC Media Player - Duration: 2:02. B.R. Bhandari 422,426 views. 2:02 . Rip DVDs with VLC - Duration: 8:17. Nerd on the Street - Tech 325,992 views. 8:17. Mix How To Fix MP4 no Sound 1 Minute - YouTube 12/06/2018 · Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Fix MP4 no Sound: More method fix MP4: No audio in MP4 playback - The VideoLAN Forums 01/06/2016 · I am using VLC 0.8.6c on a Mac running OS 10.3.9 i tried to play an MP4 video, i get picture but no sound this file was downloaded from a mobile phone onto my daughter's PC then emailed to me this file is playing perfectly well on my daughter's PC, she gets picture and sound

09/01/2020 · Parfois, le fichier MP4 que vous avez enregistré avec un appareil refusera tout simplement de produire du son sur un autre appareil, bien que le format de fichier MP4 soit censé être universellement compatible sur toutes les plates-formes et tous les systèmes d'exploitation. Ce n’est pas un gros problème, car de telles choses se produisent assez souvent sans que personne ne soit en faute. How to Convert a Video or Audio File Using VLC How to Convert Media Files with VLC. To start converting, open VLC and click Media > Convert/Save. Click “Add” to the right of the File Selection list on the File tab. Browse to the video or audio file you want to convert and open it. MP4 No Sound? How to Fix MP4 Files? Solved Here As the statement implies, an MP4 file that has refused to play audio when you play the video file is said to have “no sound”. This simply means that the MP4 file has not been able to synchronize the video and audio so that both will play and at the same time. An MP4 video without sound is a video that goes mute when you open it, even though the video might be playing. VLC Convert MKV to MP4 no Video (there is audio) | …

Convert Audio Formats using VLC Media Player. Tutorials. VLC media player can not only convert between different video formats but it also does the same with converting audio formats. Originally thought to play media only, this player has many additional functions. Converting between audio formats is quite easy with the free software. A lot of people do not use such features mainly because Audio and video out of sync after converting with … I started uploading let's play videos to youtube and the 2-3 gb videos the elgato saves are fine (but too big to upload). When i use the vlc player to convert the video to mp4 in order to make it smaller to be able to upload faster, the video and audio gets out of sync. Why do the video players make no sound? - Ask … I get sound just fine using Chrome (e.g. YouTube) or with Rhythmbox playing an MP3. However, VLC, Xine, and the default Ubuntu "Videos" make no sound, whether with MP4, FLV, or MP3. How do I fix How to convert MKV files to MP4 files with VLC - … The entire process is quite easy and worth your effort: 1. Launch VLC Player and select the “Streaming/Exporting Wizard…” from its File menu. 2. Select the “Transcode/Save to file” option. 3. Click the “Choose…” button and select your .wmv file. 4

27/02/2020 · The VLC has no sound problem may be caused by an outdated VLC version, which you can fix it by upgrading to the latest VLC version to get the latest program enhancement that lacks on your previous version. VLC is also a free and open source product. In the latest version of VLC, open source programmers may fix some of the sound bugs or add some new audio codec into it.

How to Convert Audio and Video Files with VLC … How to Convert Audio and Video Files with VLC If you've never encoded a file in VLC, this will probably seem surprisingly simple. With VLC open, go to: Media > Convert / Save or press Ctrl + R VLC to MP4 Converter: How to Convert VLC Video … There you go! You now know how to convert videos to MP4 format using VLC player. Not only for the MP4 format, you can use the VLC converter to convert video and audio files to almost any format. Let’s now have a look at the available output formats on the player. H.264 video format in MP4 file container; H.264 video format in TS file container Convert Video File Format using VLC Media Player VLC Media Player is not just a great tool for playing videos; it can do a whole lot of other things like convert videos between different formats. You can convert between a wide range of supported video files using the player. It works great for most formats and codecs but there are a few issues and the conversion feature is not the best but it still works for most of us. Using it, we can Convert Audio Formats using VLC Media Player

29/09/2017 · I have tried several different MKV to MP4 converters that are recommended on the Videohelp website, and each of them generates an mp4 file with no sound. The only tool that retains the audio track is VLC Player, but it took the VLC player 9 minutes to convert the 3:43 video to mp4.

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